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Dear guests, welcome on site


Thank you for your interest in our activities. It is our pleasure to introduce you our work with creative aspirations,keen to diversify the artistic decision to quash templates planted for years by self-styled "professionals".

In his long-lasting experience ACCENT STUDIO has relied on its exceptional professionals - photographers, cameramen, leading programers. Highly qualified designers and editors are designing our products - not just a service but a high value works of art. All done with the kind assistance of our КЛИЕНТИ.


offers to its clients a service of high quality, that meet both customer requirements and the latest innovative solutions in the industry, and of course comply with the latest technical capabilities on the market. Our desire to reproduce ervery unique moment drives continuously our development.


Services offered by ACCENT STUDIO are performed with equipment, which meet the highest requirements for photo and video production.

  • Digital photo cameras with resolution of over 12 megapixels.
  • High-quality printable paper.
  • Digital video standard definition cameras and HDV.
  • Machines with dual-core and quad-core processing of photo and video materials.
  • High media VERBATIM.
Contact tel./fax: +35928514214; tel.: +359893277492; +359887454920; +359878926215


Услуги.Фото.Видео.Модели.Работни места.Цени на услугите.Галерия.Контакти.